Fjällräven Polar -30 Sleeping Bag


Warmth is the be all and end all with the Fjällräven Polar -30 Sleeping Bag. There is nothing worse than waking up to a snowstorm that cripples the city’s entire power system. We awoke to this very situation yesterday with no power for the majority of the day. Without power, there is no heat, which made me think about old man winter lurking around the corner. Although this situation is drastically different from surviving out in the open, if you’re equipped with a great bag like the Fjällräven Polar -30 Sleeping Bag, it doesn’t matter. Made using goose 95% down/5% feather padded Down, the design utilizes box channels that guarantees the least amount of cold spots. Like some of our favorite winter jackets, the hood takes inspiration from some Fjällräven’s warmest jackets, and comes with a detachable synthetic fur edge. As well, the hood design follows your head movements, once again allowing for maximum heat gain because there is nothing worse than waking with a bloody cold head! Besides the warmth factor, they also designed the Polar with a shorter zipper on either side, perfect for accessing your gear without leaving the comfort of your cozy bed. If you’d like to see this bag in action, than check out Fjällräven’s 2014 polar adventure here.

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