GSI Destination Kitchen Set

GSI-Destination-Kitchen-1 - LumberJac

The GSI Destination Kitchen Set is the perfect camping companion. If you are anything like us, all your camping utensils are probably tossed into a big camping box along with everything else. This may be a great way to organize all your stuff at home, but it’s completely useless when you’re out in the backcountry searching for the right utensils. The GSI Destination Kitchen Set keeps all your utensils organized in a simple zipped case so you will never have to dig for that lost spatula again. This 24 piece set includes a full 4-person cutlery set, a utility knife, pivot spatula, pivot spoon, collapsible whisk, mini cheese grater, spicer, two condiment containers, pot scrubber, camp towel and a cutting board. Once you try the GSI set you’ll  never revert back to the old collect-all box.

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