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Nightgrid Shirt Jacket


Night time is your playground with the Nightgrid Shirt Jacket. Seasons change like clockwork, sometimes regretfully, but in the end we always look forward to the Fall because of outerwear like the Nightgrid Shirt Jacket. The Nightgrid is one slick looking combo that has built-in wow factor. Outerboro has taken advantage of 3M’s reflective yarn and integrated it into the black and grey plaid. Made using nylon, polyester, and Lycra blend; this low key shirt lights up when out on your nightly stealth mission. If your stealth mission happens to get a little down and dirty, don’t worry because the Nightgrid is treated with a nano-tech DWR finish. On top of it all, if you’re night time mission involves a soundtrack, the Nightgrid Shirt Jacket has a handy inner pocket for your phone/music player and the cord feed easily through a subtle laser-cut earphone hole. If you’re a nocturnal creature than light your way with the Nightgrid shirt.

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