Pelican Elite Luggage

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Introducing the Pelican Elite Luggage collection, watertight, crush-proof, lightweight and guaranteed for life. Pelican has saved my gear’s ass more than once, and I have complete confidence in anything they make. The first incident was when I was driving my old Jeep and the hatch popped open throwing my case of gear straight into a brick wall. The second (same case) lived through a 3-car garage fire. In both situations the case only had mere scratches and some burnt plastic, but my gear was immaculate. If the Elite Luggage collection is a quarter the quality of the original cases, they’ll live through any travel expedition. These Elite cases feature a watertight o-ring that keeps everything dry, and have been tested at depths of 1 meter for 1 hour. They’re crush proof up to 1,500 lbs, and include locking latches instead of typical zippers. You can also expect a retractable handle, combination lock, recessed latches, a set of ball bearing wheels and the Pelican lifetime guarantee.

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