PF Flyers Hi Pres Boot

PF-Flyers-Hi-Pres-Boot-1 - LumberJac

No more leaping over puddles when you’re wearing a pair of PF Flyers Hi Pres Boots. PF Flyers (now owned by New Balance) may be best known for 75 years of perfecting sneakers, but their heritage is rooted in a partnership with BF Goodrich where they produced rubberized workwear boots. The Hi Pres Boots are part of the Foundation Collection that pays homage to this iconic time during the 30’s-to-50’s. Unlike the original rubberized waterproof boots, these Hi Pres Boots are designed to feel more like comfortable sneakers than boots. They are made with a waterproof coated canvas body, high rubber faxing, hydrophobic threading and a gusseted tongue. If you’re looking for an alternative to your waterproof Swims, these new Flyers will surely keep you dry.

Choose from black or green and available directly through the PF Flyer site.

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