Relonch Camera


Introducing the Relonch Camera, great photography is just a smart phone away. There is something to be said about simple photography rolled up into one device. Some smart phones cameras are good, but if we had the opportunity to have both a great camera and phone at our finger tips, that would be handy as hell. The Relonch Camera does just that by allowing you to insert your phone and voila, now you’re a professional! (if it was only that simple). The Relonch camera offers some serious features that will help non-creative types, like the “Guru” button. When you select the Guru in the Relonch camera app, it gives you advice on how to create a masterpiece. Other than its sexy design, what sells this camera is its amazing APS-C sized sensor that is larger than all point and shoot cameras, and the same as some mid-level professional grade cameras. Also notable is that there is no need for wi-fi or bluetooth as all your photos are saved directly to your Camera Roll, and backed via the cloud while you shoot.

I’ve seen some spectacular iphone photos, you can now be a part of it and pre-order yours on