Volcan 4×4


The adventurous off-road spirit lives on with the Volcan 4×4. There is something to be said about taking the road less traveled. Ever since I’ve had my license there has been the lure of the off-road challenge. I still remember going out with my buddy, doing some less-than-legal off-roading which may, or may not have involved the law. My taste for classic trucks coupled with better judgement draws me to adventurous place such as Alaska (you can thank Top Gear America for that). In a classic vehicle like the ‘Alfie’ 1960 Land Rover series II 8 from Volcan 4×4, my dream is much more attainable. Volcan 4×4’s is a specialty classic 4×4 dealership that specializes in sourcing, restoring, and exporting classic FJs, Land Rovers and other iconic off-road brands. Based out of Tampa, Florida & Medellín, Colombia, they employ their knowledge and wealth of contacts that allow your dreams to come to life.

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