GRAYL’s Water Filtration Cup

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Crystal clean water anywhere you go with GRAYL’s Water Filtration Travel Cup. Simply fill the outer cup, insert the filter, press, and you’re good to go. Forget about those slow gravity filters, over involved pumps, or those back country straws, the Grayl system produces water in 15 seconds, and is as simple as a french press. One full cup produces 16 ounces of purified water (removes chlorine, arsenic, lead, 99.999% of viruses, 99.99% of bacteria and 99.94% of protozoa). You’ll get about 3 months of optimal performance from each filter on regular use (3 uses per day). Choose from the G3+ Purifier for international travel, or the G3+ Filter for trail and back country water sources.

Available directly from Grayl’s online store in four color combinations.

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