John Neeman Finnish Puukko Knife


Carve your own history with the John Neeman Finnish Puukko Knife. While out camping, or even around the house, there is something to be said about a knife that serves more than just one purpose. The John Neeman Finnish Puukko Knife has everything going for and it, and you can thank history for that. Developed over a thousand years ago, the Puukko knife was a master of its trade. Its practical design (when form follows function) has become a symbol of honor. John Neeman (made up of a small team of skilled craftsman from Latvia), have created a down right stunning example that I’m sure would do the Finns proud. Made of African Wenge wood for the handle, the blade is made using 320 layers of hand forged Damascus pattern welded steel. The Puukko sits with a wet formed leather sheath to that is individually custom dyed. There is nothing like a long history to back you up, or even to inspire you. The folks at John Neeman have done an outstanding job making sure the honor continues.

Become a part of history and order yours at John Neeman’s online store.