MAKR Swivel Work Stool


Introducing the industrious MAKR Swivel Work Stool. If you’re planning to do something in the studio this fall and you need a seat, than you might want to pull up the MAKR Swivel Work Stool. As stools go, this is one cool take on an industrial classic. Made in the USA, MAKR (known for their wicked leather goods), have produced a work stool that combines vintage style with a simplistic modern silhouette. Highlighting the design, MAKR uses materials such as heavy steel for the structure, and combines it with a beautifully finished walnut seat. The color is finished in a powder coated olive green which happens to be a UnionMade exclusive. Whatever you plan this fall, whether you need a set of bar stools to match that concrete counter, or drafting a plan, have a seat with the MAKR Swivel Work Stool.

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