Nokori Folding Chair

Nokori-Folding-Chair-1 - LumberJac

Take a seat in the most comfortable folding chair, meet the Tanner Goods Nokori Folding Chair. Just cause’ it folds away doesn’t mean it should only make an appearance when unexpected guest show up. The deep hand crafted mahogany frame might not impress everyone, but once you take a seat on the premium chromexcel leather you’ll call it a day. The Nokori is mid-century inspired, and designed from the ground-up to be a permanent member of the family. Each chair is hand made using decade’s old processes in Portland by Tanner Goods, a small team of designers and craftspeople.

Choose from three color options and available directly from Tanner Goods online store.

Nokori-Folding-Chair-2 - LumberJacNokori-Folding-Chair-3 - LumberJacNokori-Folding-Chair-4 - LumberJacNokori-Folding-Chair-5 - LumberJacNokori-Folding-Chair-6 - LumberJac