Nomad Tent


Get your motor running and head out on the highway with the Nomad Tent. Steppenwolf wasn’t kiddin’ when they came out with those lyrics, and I’m sure no one was inspired more than the boys at Abel Brown. The Nomad Tent is one seriously simple concept for road warriors who have nothing but time and freedom. If you’re a rider of any sort, than you’ll most likely agree that there isn’t a lot of space on your bike, especially if you’re cruising the highway. The Nomad employes a unique design that uses the highest points on your motorcycle to raise the pitch of your tent. The end result (if you haven’t guessed it by now), is a no-pole tent that is super lightweight, waterproof, and durable as hell. If you’re looking for adventure and born to be wild, than the Nomad tent has you covered.

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