UQU Titanium Chopsticks

UQU-Titanium-Chopsticks-1 - LumberJac

Treat your sushi to a pair of UQU Titanium Chopsticks. It’s a bit of a contradiction that we salivate over meticulously cut sashimi, then have the nerve to use those cheap plastic or wood chopsticks. You can now come prepared with a pair of ultra premium chopsticks crafted in Japan with the same attention to detail as your sushi. These chopsticks are constructed with 100% titanium and machined hollow. Not only are these virtually weightless, the weight balance is perfectly centered. As you already know, titanium is ultra strong, leaves no after taste, and won’t corrode. In the perfectly crafted paulownia wood box you’ll find a black magnetically sealed silicon travel case.

Available through Amazon.

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