Cobra Jumpack

The Cobra Jumpack will ensure those booster cables remain packed deep in the garage. Over the last ten years I’ve relied on my old school Jump Starter, but it takes literally three days to fully charge, weighs a ton, isn’t really portable and has zero USB plug-ins. For starters, the Cobra Jumpack is pretty much the same size as an iPhone 6, so they’ll never have any excuses for leaving it behind. The 7,500 mAh Lithium-Cobalt battery can easily fully charge any smart phone or tablet (via USB), it includes a LED flashlight, and best of all, you can boost your car (400 Amp peak current). Considering the size and multiple functions, this Jumpack is easily going to make its way into my glove compartment. No more worrying about leaving the lights on, or calling your buddy for a boost.

Available through Amazon.