Dakine Super Tune Kit


Keep your board razor sharp with the Dakine Super Tune Kit. Nothing kicks-off a weekend of non-stop powder than the smell of hot wax dripping off an iron. I don’t know about you, but when my board is not in tip-top shape I might as well spend the day in the chalet. Before any of these portable tuning kits became available I’d carry an over sized tupperwear box filled with wax, sharpeners, shoe brushes and my old grandmother’s iron. This Dakine Super Tune Kit is far from those old hacked-together kits, it’s filled with all the necessary pro tools designed to keep your board performing at its best. Each kit comes stocked with an adjustable temperature iron, edging tool, 10” file, wire brush, metal scraper, wax scraper, pocket stone, Ptex, Octane Bar, Scuff pad and a multi-pocketed zipped case.

Available through or Amazon.