Locky2 Wooden Locker


School’s in session with the Locky2 Wooden Locker. We’re sorry If you were ever one of the unlucky few to be locked in an iconic steelplate locker, but even if you were, you gotta appreciate Stephan Siepermann’s solid oak locker rendition. These are exact replicas with the exception that they’re meticulously crafted from wood. Every last detail is translated into wood, from the ventilation slots, hooks, locking system and even the lock. Unlike the original lockers that stored your stinky gym clothes, these solid oak replicas will make the perfect home for your priceless gear and collectables. The Locky is available in various wood types, and can be ordered as a single, double, triple or quadruple locker set.

Put your student loan off for a couple months and custom order your Locky system directly from Siepermann’s site.