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Crave Denim Motorcycle Jacket

Your bacon’s safe with Crave’s Denim Motorcycle Jacket. Leather may be the standard issue for the open road, but when you’re protected with an internal layer of Kevlar fiber, any fabric can be the new norm. This jacket is crafted with a deep black denim outer shell, 100% Dupont Kevlar internal shell composition, lined with a polyester/Lyrca mix, and features pockets for CE protectors in the shoulders, back and elbows. Don’t worry about overheating as it also includes arm-pit ventilation zippers. Crave has considered all the gear you carry and built-in 1 phone/wallet pocket, 1 zipped wrist pocket, 1 inner zipped pocket and 2 breast pockets. If you’re like us and have a couple of inches of snow covering your roads, you may wanna try this jacket out for those sketchy fat-tire rides, or in the mountains on those never ending snowboard runs.

Available directly from Crave’s online store.