Kind of Design Coffee Table M1


Bringing form to a flat shape is what Kind of Design’s Coffee Table M1 is all about. Creating nothing out of something is a desire for most designers, so when industrial designers Marissa Scarangella and Bastian Perriad were given the opportunity to showcase their talents they jumped in head first. M1 designs was their first foray into single-material exploration, and as you can see, the results are absolutely outstanding. The Coffee Table M1, as well as the entire M1 lineup is made entirely out of metal. Each bend uses positive negative space to create functional yet distinctive shelves that give this table a character all of its own. Made in Switzerland from local artisans and producers, the Coffee Table M1 comes in a power coated 6mm aluminum sheet in a white exterior with either anthracite, yellow zinc or a red orange interior.

Available through Kind of Design’s online store.