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No. 907 High-Altitude Hardshell Jacket


Stare down the eye of the storm with the No. 907 High-Altitude Hardshell Jacket. Nothing beats being out in the backcountry, but the minute you take it for granted it can unleash all hell on you. If you think luck has a part to play in your survival, I would think again as it usually boils down to being prepared. The N0. 907 High-Altitude Hardshell Jacket by The American Mountain Co. is one of the best first defense systems that’s got your back covered. The No. 907 is designed using uncompromising standards right beside high quality materials to perform when the shit goes down. Handcrafted in the USA with Schoeller textile from Sevelen, Switzerland, a damn strong material that is incredibly breathable and 100% waterproof. With features like a helmet compatible hood, double layer shoulders and elbows, and double adjustment point draw cord waist; the No. 907 is designed for the mountains but we could also see it being used around town when temperatures dip to arctic extremes (trust us, this happens all to often).

Available in navy blue or black, get yours at The American Mountain Co.’s online store.