Sota Moonbeam Turntable


Experience the rich sounds of vinyl through a Sota Moonbeam Turntable. As much as I like my music collection completely portable, sorted by playlists, and available on all my devices; nothing beats listening to the deep sounds of an album from beginning to end. Sourcing vinyl and quality turntables isn’t the easiest feat, but it’s far from extinct. The Sota Moonbeam is an all-American hand-crafted turntable that achieves unmatched levels of neutral sound quality and accuracy, positioning Sota as one of the world’s best. To reduce vibration the Moonbeam utilizes a high-density, precision-machined polymer platter and an energy damping interface mat. The spindle/bearing assembly is made with a high-tech self-lubricating polymer designed for ultra-precise bearing applications resulting in nearly unlimited life expectancy, and is significantly quieter than most expensive metal-to-metal bearing assembly. Ball and Buck have partnered with Sota to create an exclusive custom natural and caramelized bamboo casing.

Available directly through Ball and Buck’s online store.

The Sota Moonbeam is also available in an oak finish through Amazon.