Team Edition Cycling Figurines


Long live the history of cycling with Bicycleage’s Team Edition Cycling Figurines. Every year we look forward to following the Tour and each year (other than a few scandals and updated gear), the overall concept hasn’t changed. Other than purchasing the riding gear, there isn’t much a fan can do to show your passion for the sport. Bicycleage’s figures are the perfect collectable for the true enthusiast who likes to showcase a bit of cycling history. Made in France by a family owned factory since 1950, these miniature die-cast cycling figures go through 12 different paint/finish stages and features teams such as Bianchi, Look, and the World Champion to name a few. Limited to 500 each, they are constructed using a premium alloy called Zamak, and are individually hand-painted by local artisans making them as unique as the creator themselves.

Pick up a few at Bicycleage’s online store.