Victor 24″ Hudson Bay Axe


Introducing the Victor 24″ Hudson Bay Axe, a tool of the trade for a true lumberjack. There’s nothing we love more than a well crafted axe. I’ve had my fair share of dull and crappy ones, and we cringe every time we swing into a piece of wood and jam the axe into a stubborn log. Victor, a proud Michigan company, collaborated with Council Tool to create this limited edition fine beast they call the Black Edition. Made in the USA, the 100% hickory handle is hand-sanded, stained black, and then finished with a wax. The blade, a 5160 grade alloy steel is drop forged, honed, polished, and gets wrapped in a handcrafted black leather head cover. What makes this a true cutting companion (other than its beautiful fabrication), is its  handmade black canvas/leather fitted case.

Order yours at Victor’s online store.