BMW R nineT


The BMW R nineT is waiting to be unleashed. These not-so-new R nineT’s are hitting the streets after the majority of people have been on a year-long waiting list, but all that will be forgotten once those engines are cranked. These new bikes mark a celebration of BMWs 90 years of Motorrad, and there’s no better gift than a throw-back design to roaster era. This purist design is a far departure from anything BMW has done since their legendary 1923’s R32. Over the years BMW has been focused on perfecting the manufacturing process and incorporating the latest technology, which has resulted in losing sight of the true essence of why people ride. The R nineT complete revival incorporates a classic flat twin boxer engine like its 1932 predecessor. It’s not the fastest, but the torque will definitely impress. This new design is obviously a blend of what you’d find in custom built, stripped-down cafe racer, and BMW’s flawless craftsmanship and precise machine work. These bikes are built to be customized, and offer a crazy range of possibilities. All-in-all, the R nineT may not be the fastest, or most comfortable, but it’s damn sweet for a BMW.