Flexcut Multi-tool Carving Knife


Take your creative endeavors farther with the Flexcut Multi-tool Carving knife. I remember as a child spending countless hours whittling a stick to pass the time. Fast forward to the present and I still find myself picking up a stick and seeing where it goes. There is something about whittling that calms and relaxes the soul. Flexcut (a carving tool specialist) has develop the perfect multi-tool that will take your creative soul to a higher ground. The multi-tool carving knife is as elegant as they come. Made using precision-machined high carbon steel, it contains a detail knife, Straight Gouge, Gouge Scorp, and V-Scorp that are all housed in a black minimal aluminum handle. Made in the USA, you can be sure this handy tool will never leave your side. After all, your creative pride depends on it.

Pick your up at Sanborn’s online store or at Amazon.com.