Spalted Beech Peppermill

Your food’s gonna get a whole lot spicier with the Spalted Beech Peppermill. I’m still blown away by the fact that peppermills have been produced for centuries, and they still look like they belong in a cold castle. There may be a handful of stainless steel mills worth a second look, but nothing comes remotely close to the design of the Spalted Beech Peppermill. A collaboration between Makers & Brothers and Matt Jones, this five piece peppermill collection will displace all your preconceptions of peppermills. Each piece is hand turned using rare spalted Irish beech wood. The dark spidery veins that run through the beech wood create a stunning contrast to the complete minimal shape of the mill. The mills come in five heights, from as short as 12cm to as tall as 50cm. These are completely unique mills that are one-of-a-kind, but will be replaced with a new edition once they are sold out.

Available directly through Makers & Brothers online store.