Beam Tower Speakers


Meet the impressive Beam Tower Speakers by Fern & Roby. These show stopping speakers are crafted from 100 year old reclaimed heart pine salvaged from a 19-century Virginia factory. Nothing beats owning a piece of American manufacturing history, especially at a time when everything is getting produced overseas. As impressive as they look, Beam promises to deliver an equally impressive audio experience. The cross-over network technology allows these speakers to dish out the dynamics you’d expect from a full range system, while delivering the imaging and accuracy of a mini monitor (at just over 90 db sensitivity). The Beam feature a Scan-Speak 8” woofer and a Seas aluminum dome tweeter, producing a uniquely deep bass response without a loss of an accurate mid-range and super clear lower frequency. Each Beam is about 43 inches tall by 9 inches wide, and just shy of 12 inches deep.

More details and available through Fern & Roby.