Bellows Messenger Bag


Expand your design options with the Bellows Messenger Bag. It seems that every day my bag carries different gear in numerous configurations. Some days it’s packed to the brim, whereas others it’s only got the necessities in it. I often switch between bags to compensate, however, this can be rather annoying as I’ve forgotten important gear at home. The Bellows Messenger Bag by Benjamin Hubert utilizes a bellows design that provides easily expandable space.  Made from top-grade polyester material, the bag is equipped with 13.3″ laptop/iPad pocket as well as a front zip pocket. Nava have worked hard with designers such as Benjamin to create product lines that possess a strong balance between great design and functionality. It is in our opinion that the Bellows line-up does exactly what Nava set out to do, and if one thing is certain, their connection with design will lead the way to awesome looking products every time.

Available in Denim blue, dark and light grey, and rust; get yours via Benjamin Hubert’s website or at Nava’s online store.