Blubber Honda CX500


Introducing the Blubber Honda CX500 by Ton-up Garage, all fat and no calories! Our friends at Ton-up garage have been skimming the fat off of all their other productions and saving it to produce the Blubber Honda CX500. Seriously though, this bike is one dope bike that speaks volumes to what this Portuguese garage can do. The name, Blubber, is not your average name and we like it. Its inspiration came from the extra stored whale fat deposit that allows these beasts to survive. Without it they would be dead. That’s exactly what Ton-up was going for. Once you’ve ridden your first bike, or set your eyes on this one, you’ll never survive without the open road again. Built from a Honda CX500, they’ve done numerous customizations such as a modified rear frame, custom built exhaust, and a shortened front suspension. As we keep following this Ton-up garage, they continually impress us with their style, design and fabrication, so we eagerly await for their next maiden voyage.

If you’re interested in purchasing this bike, get in touch with the Ton-Up garage crew here.