Cambium C17 Denim Saddle


Denim lives on forever with the Cambium C17 Denim Saddle. Ask anybody whether they’re a worker, designer, hipster, jet setter, or misfit; they’ll all agree that nothing beats denim. It’s literally one material that holds up to the wear and tear of life no matter what that life includes. Denim has been used since the 17th century, with the first set of jeans being invented in 1871. Leave it to Levi Strauss to patent the blue jean in 1873. Fast forward to today, and Brooks (a quality purveyor of wicked handmade saddles), have teamed up with Levi’s Commuter division to create one damn sexy utilitarian saddle. The saddle is made using vulcanized natural rubber (the same material which is found on the original Cambium C17), an all-around comfortable, waterproof, long-lasting material that works in perfect sync with the qualities of denim, as well as Levi’s Full Commuter collection.  Leave it to these two innovative and hard working companies to combine their magic into one truly outstanding saddle that’s easy on the eyes.

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