Contino Caps by Knickerbocker


Step back in time with the Contino Caps by Knickerbocker. It’s unfortunate that we live in an era where ball caps are the norm, and we’ve somehow forgotten to take notes from our stylish grandfathers. The throw-back caps from Knickerbocker were inspired by the WWII pilots and their map illustrations they’d feature on the inside of their flight jackets. If their planes went down, they would use these maps to help guide them back to a friendly base. Knickerbocker partnered with illustrator Jon Contino to produce this new line of caps that feature a map of their New York factory and the surrounding area. The Contino caps are crafted from Fisher stripe or Houndstooth Wool, and then lined with brushed cotton twill.

Available through Knickerbocker’s online store.