Free Case


Unleash your creative freedom with the Free Case. If you’re a designer like us, than you’ll probably agree you’d be nothing without the almighty pencil. Even if you’re not a designer, it’s still a damn handy tool to keep close to heart. Since the pencil is one of the many tricks of the trade, we think it deserves a nice case all to its own. The Free Case by Tanno Masakage happens to be the perfect little storage box. Inspired by vintage ‘trick boxes’ Tanno Masakage has designed this detailed walnut case with an spring loaded unassuming button that activates the inner tray. Handmade in Japan entirely of wood, he combines a walnut exterior with a cork line interior, and is finished off with a Padauk wood push button. The attention to detail is nothing less than spectacular, and because of it he has won the Takaoka Craft Exhibition grand prize.

Available in Japanese Oak, Maple or Walnut you can pick yours up at Nalata Nalata’s online store.