Mercy x Madcap Coffee Kit


Introducing the Mercy X Madcap Coffee Kit, the brew is always better when you do it yourself. If you are a coffee drinker like us than you’ll have to agree there is nothing quite like doing it yourself. I know when we’re traveling we are often pressed into getting coffee that is sub-par. Now I know you can’t always make it yourself, but for the times when you can, why wouldn’t ya? The Folks at Mercy (along with the help one of their favorite coffee places, Madcap), have come up with a rugged travel coffee kit. The bag (a versatile beaut’) is handcrafted in the USA (Michigan) out of 20 oz waxed canvas, 100% cotton twill binding/handles, and is finished off with wicked details like hammered copper rivets and a leather grab handle. The Brew kit includes Terra Stainless Steel Tumblers, Rhinowares Hand Grinder, Kalita Wave stainless steel Dripper (100 pack Kalita filters), and a bag of Madcap coffee beans. Limited to 30 bags, you might was to get yours before your sipping another sludge brew.

Get yours at Mercy’s online store, and if you fall in luv’ with Madcap coffee, pick up a few extra bags via Amazon.