MKII Goggles


Hit the hills with the organic based MKII Goggles. At first glance I thought these were crafted from bamboo or pine, which would have been the first of its kind.  But a solid wood frame wouldn’t hold up to the extreme conditions your goggles need to withstand. Instead of solid wood, Bosky utilized a high performing plant-based urethane for the frame, tear-resistant Japanese fine-woven hemp vents, and a non-toxic 100% recycled, moisture-wicking Polartec fleece face cushion. Goggles may not seem like a typical product to utilize natural materials, but when you have toxic foam pressed up against your face for hours on end, you may want to reconsider now that there’s a choice. The 6 lens options are 100% UV protection dual spherical lens with anti-glare technology.

Select from Standard or Asian Fit and available directly from Bosky.