Winterstick Swallowtail


Experience the original and best backcountry free riding board, the Winterstick Swallowtail. Back in the early 70s, long before snowboarding ever made an impact on society, Dimitri Milovich started perfecting the ultimate snow surfing board we now know as the Swallowtail. Winterstick may not have been as popular as Burton, Sims, and Barfoot (due to their ridged focus on backcountry riding), but Winterstick had as big, if not more of an impact on the sport than all three brands combined. Like most things in life, snowboarding has come full circle, and backcountry free riding is gaining more momentum than ever before. When you need to experience pure untouched deep powder, few can beat the iconic Swallowtail. This board may be 182 cm, but the fast flowing turns will instantly remind you of the skatedecks you had growing up.

Available in three color options directly from Winterstick.