Dash Sneaker Boot


Meet the Dash Sneaker Boot, a perfect combination of urban ingredients. Life is a playground, and what better way to play in it than the Helm Dash Sneaker Boot. Helm began in 2012 with one man’s passion for hard work, adventure, and dedication. He used his enormous skill set to create a boot lineup that would take every aspect of his life into consideration. The end result is the Dash Sneaker Boot. Hand crafted in USA (Maine), the Dash incorporates timeless design, locally sourced materials like full grain leather upper, suede inserts, calfskin lined that all sit aboard a stitched-on boat sole. Available in chestnut or gray, the dash combines a awesome selection of ingredients that will surely serve you right on your next adventure.

Start your adventure on the right foot, and pick yours up at Helm’s online store or Amazon.