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Goodwell Toothbrush


The Goodwell Toothbrush will make you and the environment crack a smile. With the constant struggle of balancing what is good and bad for the environment, it can be sometimes feel like an up-hill battle. That’s why when we see companies like Goodwell, it brings a smile to our faces. Goodwell has developed the first sustainable premium toothbrush that fully understands the waste created by the average toothbrush. I can’t even begin to count how many toothbrushes I’ve thrown out, and that thought makes me sick. With the Goodwell toothbrush, they have made the attachments out of compostable materials that screws into a amazing looking anodized aluminum handle. The Brush portion utilizes binchotan charcoal bristles to help fight plaque keeping your pearlies even whiter. Designed in Oregon, USA, you can order any of the attachments when needed, or if you like you can join their subscription-based service.

Available in silver, black or gold place your order directly through Goodwells online store.