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Klhip Grooming Tools


It’s not that hard to look good with the Klhip Grooming Tools. Why is something so simple like cutting ones nails so friggin’ annoying? Blame those standard clippers. It feels like fighting against the grain having to awkwardly hold the clippers backwards. Someone has finally come up with a design that is not only functional, but it looks pretty damn sexy. How often do you hear those two words in the same sentence? I don’t have a pair so I can’t claim whether they work as good as they look, however from what I’ve read these babies mean all business. Made in Japan from surgical stainless steel, the design incorporates a forward facing lever which applies direct pressure over the nail giving you better control. Klhip has gone further with their product line and added a pair of titanium tweezers as well as a natural stone nail file. Their file is all natural, made in France, and is carved directly from the Pyrenees mountains. The Titanium tweezers are machined out of a solid block of titanium, hand finished by a surgical tool company based out of  St. Louis USA, and features a unique one-piece design with an integrated guide pin. To top it off, Klhip includes a handmade leather case with every one of their grooming tools. I wish everything was crafted with as much passion as Klhip has put into their grooming tools.

Stay more human and get yours at Klhip’s online store or at Huckberry.