Malm Fireplace


Warm up by the fire in mid-century style with an original Malm Fireplace. I’ve been in search of an outdoor fireplace these past few years and in doing so, I’ve come across a number that just don’t quite cut it. There are a lot of modern firepits out there that represent minimal design, but nothing quite as stunning as an original vintage Malm Fireplace. Malm began in the 1950’s as a sheet metal company. During this time, as a weekend hobby, employees dabbled in fireplace design, and the rest is history. Available in steel or stainless for outdoor applications (which I must say is the way to go, and is high on my purchase list), the Malm Fireplace offers a clear view of the fire unlike traditional fireplaces. Outfitted in the most iconic mid-century spaces worldwide, the Malm Fireplace has cemented its place in design history when most of its competitors have gone up in smoke.

Available in Black or White order yours at Design Within Reach online store.