Money Maker Sightseer Lens Bag


Be quick on the draw with the Sightseer Lens Bag. Nothing is worse than having your lens deep in your backpack when you see the perfect shot and need to switch to the wide angle lens. We’re no pro photographers by any stretch of the imagination, but properly carrying our gear for quick access has always been a challenge. The Money Maker Camera Harness allows you to easily slide your cameras up and down the leather side harness while providing adequate space for the Sightseer Lens Bag. This bag is worn low on the back so your gear and lens are within hands reach without disrupting the Money Maker Strap system. This bag features two customizable and removable dividers allowing for three compartments and one rear pocket. For additional storage space, you can add up to eight exterior pouches that mount via two rows of thick webbing straps. The Sightseer is meticulously crafted with waxed canvas, American bison leather, then lined with soft Aztec flannel fleece.

Feel like a true gun slinger and get yours directly from Hold Fast Gear.