Original Recyclures


Get hooked with the Original Recyclures. Spoon lures have been around for what seems like ages. They were some of my first hooks I got as a kid, which probably explains why I didn’t catch anything since they are designed for trolling, and most of my beginning years involved fishing from the banks. That said, I’m still wary whether they work or not, but one thing is for sure, Tedd Mcdonah has made these lures work in an entirely new way. Made in the USA (Millersville, Pennsylvania), he crafts these one-of-a kind lures out of materials ranging from tin cans (beer, pop), spray cans, stainless steel, and finished with a commercial hook. Formed using a hydraulic press, each piece is finished using hand shears, spray sealed, and riveted together using copper. If you’re a fisherman that enjoys lures that catch more than just fish, than I would move that prized salmon aside because there is a new trophy collection in town.

Pick some up as a gift or for yourself at Tedd Mcdonah etsy’s online store.