Shwood Newspaper Sunglasses

Take a read of Shwood’s new Newspaper Sunglass collection. It’s not a misprint, these frames are crafted from 1600 feet of newsprint wound up into a 4-inch diameter log. Not only is this a new chapter for Shwood, but the next step in product development using age old materials. What started as an experiment has transformed into Shwood’s proprietary process of re-purposing newsprint into a solid state that can be cut, sanded, and crafted into a pair of stunning sunglasses. The facing layer of these cut piles reveal the typographic nature of the newsprint while the cut edge exposes dense abstract lines reminiscent of a fine wood-grain texture. As with all Shwood glasses, you can expect crystal clear Carl Zeiss CR-39, or polarized lenses that are 100% UVA/UVB protected.

Select from five styles and available in limited numbers through Shwood.