Snowboard Carabiner Multi-tool

Take to the hills with a Snowboard Carabiner Multi-tool. No need for that bulky screwdriver set when you have this handy tool clipped to your belt. It’s this time of the year when the snow start to melts and I find my bindings starting to give a little. Perhaps it’s more of the fact that my board has spent half the season unchecked and it’s showing its age. Most times I need my tools in the worst possible situation, either stuck at the top of the hill, or after my first bail of the day. Regardless where it happens I’m stuck and handicapped with one binding till I get to the nearest lifty (hoping they have a set of tools). This new Snowboard Carabiner multi-tool contains all the necessary tools (#2 and #3 Phillips head screwdriver, 3mm and 4mm Hex Wrench, and a trusty bottle opener), to tune your bindings hidden within the arms of the carabiner. You can also forget about those cold hands, this tools was designed and is large enough to be used with gloves on. For all you skiers, there is the Alpine Ski Carabiner version to consider.

Choose from a few color options and available directly from Clickcarabiner.