Urban Light Factory Headlights

Own a piece of history thanks to the Urban Light Factory. These upcycled headlights are truly one-of-a-kind that will command attention in any room. Each light is hand crafted from a vintage car or motorbike highlight, then meticulously mounted to a matching tripod from a similar time period. Whether it’s from an authentic Henry Ford or an original cafe racer, these lights are rich in history and full of untold stories. With every light purchase you also receive a custom wood box (guaranteeing safe travels to you), the appropriate wooden tools to change the light bulb, linen tool roll, and a hand sewn booklet that contains information about the specific make and model of the corresponding source vehicle. If you have something a little more sentimental in your garage, the guys at Urban Light Factory will also fully customize a light using the parts from your vintage motorbike or first car.

Immortalize a piece of history and order you light directly through Urban Light Factory.