WREN HiFi M1 Console


Everyday is a great day when you wake up to the sound of the WREN HiFi M1 Console playing. Stereo systems these days have come a long way, each year they seem to get smaller and smaller. Although there is something to be said about small discreet stereo systems, there is nothing quite like having a stereo console that speaks volumes. The WREN HiFi reminds us when music systems were packaged together and the focus in the living room. The WREN goes above and beyond your grandma’s stereo cabinet and personifies what HiFi is about by combining wicked high-end materials with stunning handcrafted design. With features like a modified and de-coupled Pro-ject Debut Carbon DC turntable, WREN HiFi 8″ Bass Reflex Speakers, shelving for you equipment, integrated quite cooling fan, and Integrated 60WPC Amp with Phono Stage; everything works seamlessly together. The Wren HiFi M1 Console is one sexy throw back that does more than play fabulous music, it inspires people to celebrate great artistry in one timeless form.

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