FLIR FX Wireless HD Monitoring Camera


Watch the house like a hawk with the all new FLIR FX Wireless HD Monitoring Camera. Have you ever wondered what’s happening at your house when you’re at work? I know I have. Security is important and with a normal camera system, who has time to watch countless hours of wireless footage? My time is important, as I’m sure yours is as well, so what better way to watch over the things you care about all in a minutes time? FLIR FX is a wicked new HD Camera that allows you to watch over your day in a single minute using its wicked RapidRecap and SmartZone technology. With RapidRecap you can review simultaneously countless hours of cloud recorded video. How cool is that? Another wicked feature is its ability to set SmartZone alerts so you are only alerted to a specified area, all with its motion sensing technology. Of course there are other features such as the live streaming video and direct Wi-Fi connection, plus all videos are stored in that magic cloud for up to 30 days. On top of it all, it has night vision that uses a commercial-grade infrared LEDs which allows viewing up to 33 feet. At the end of day, anytime, any place, rest assured that your belongings are where they belong under under your watchful eye.

Pre-order yours at FLIR’s website or on Amazon.