Heimplanet Cairo Camo Fistral Tent


Blend your experiences into one with the all new Heimplanet Cario Camo Fistral Tent. While out exploring the back country you begin to understand how important it is to travel as compact as possible.  The Fistral by Heimplanet is their all new compact 1-2 person tent, the perfect companion for every trip anytime and any where. The Fistral features a complete union of parts so when you’re moving from camp to camp, all that is required is some unpacking, a little air, and viola! you’re home. It also features a unique camo pattern that is comprised of geometric shapes, and when viewed at a distance it simulates 3-dimensional tectonic structures. Like all their tents, the Fistal employes a patented multi-chamber safety system that separates the air frame into two independent air chambers. This tent design offers two ventilation openings as well as two vestibules that offer plenty of space for all your gear. Made from a recyclable material for the air frame, and an outer later of extra stiff and resistant polyester, this is one serious tent that will keep you covered no matter what blows in.

Available in two colors Sand blue or Cairo Camo pre-order yours at Heimplanet’s online store.