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Heimplanet Cairo Camo Hybrid Jacket


Introducing the Heimplanet Cairo Camo Hybrid Jacket, there are two sides to every story. When you’re out camping (with your Fistral Cairo Camo Tent, of course), there is more than one shelter than plays a important role, and that shelter is your jacket! Leave it to Heimplanet, who worked in close collaboration with polychrome lab, to create a damn sweet reversible modern jacket that offers both a dark and light side to match your locale. Like the Fistral Cairo Camo Tent, a sweet geometric colored camo pattern makes up the dark side. Unlike the tent, the dark colored camo is designed to soak up 95% of the UV rays which in-turn warms you. On the flip side the silver side reflects up to 30% of UV-rays, and cools the body up to 6 degrees lighter than the camo side. Made in Italy, it weighs in at a measly 300 grams, and combines a fully waterproof and windproof material that harmoniously combines two stories into one stylish second piece of skin.

Order yours at Heimplanet’s online store.