Kali Shiva Helmet

Meet the , the lightest DOT full face helmet you’ll find on the market today. Weighing in at 1050g, the Shiva is about 400-600g lighter than anything else with a DOT rating. If you motocross you’ll be stoked to know it’s also 30% smaller than your current helmet. Unlike all the other helmet designs, the Shiva utilizes a technology and design that consists of a multiple density EPS liner that is molded directly to the carbon fiber shell. This technology is kinda like what you’d find layered between boxed cardboard, it utilizes tri-shaped pyramids to distribute forces laterally, allowing for lighter density foam resulting in a thinner and much lighter helmet shell. Not only does this technology save your brain during impact, the reduction of weight drastically reduces neck strain during those inevitable minor crashes.

Choose from three colorways and available through .