Revology Mustang Replica


Introducing the Revology Mustang Replica, this is no one trick pony. Mustangs have been one of the most iconic cars of the past that have characterized what American muscle is all about. Growing up as a kid, I was influenced by my fathers luv for classic American cars, and I had posters/models of the classic Mustang GTO. When it comes to heritage, the Ford Mustang is one car that has done more than influence popular culture (who can forget Steve Mcqueen’s bad ass movie Bullitt?), it established what an American sports car should be. Revology and their American devotion have pulled from the clutches of the past to create the worlds first Mustang Replica. Made from a new Ford-licensed body, they meticulously built this classic with a Ford factory re-manufactured powertrain and finished it off with all-new trim and chassis.  Revology Mustang Replica is a modernistic masterpiece that leads by example.

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