Redefine your survival gear with a VSSL Kit. No need to take all your essentials to every excursion, with the VSSL you can select and customize whether you’re out for the afternoon, our deep in the backcountry for days. Since the fall, the VSSL has been available in four distinct models; Supplies, First Aid, Shelter and Blank. Their latest edition most recently launched on Kickstarter is the Flashlight Flask. This new addition may not get you out of a bind in the wilderness, but a couple shots of JD hidden in the large flask compartment may be the only essential you’ll need. Each kit is 8 inches by a 2 inch diameter, made from seamless extruded military spec anodized aluminum, and comes standard with a dual mode LED flashlight and an oil filled compass.

The Survival VSSL Kits are available directly from the VSSL website, and the newly released Flask can be supported through their Kickstarter campaign.